We uniquely combine tradition and advanced technology

Thanks to the passion to acquire knowledge and consistency in maintaining the highest standards, we have created an Institute tailored to our dreams. IW is our mutual success. We believe in the fascinating possibilities of textile innovation for both people and the environment. Our scientists have a real impact on the development of many fields of science. The results of their research are used in various areas of the economy and social life.



We have been investing in the development of science since the beginning. We conduct research that responds to the real needs of people. We implement a modern model of approach to learning, based on partner relations, also with business. ŁUKASIEWICZ – The Textile Research Institute is a place of work, study, research and investigation – this is our place.


The Institute operates:     

  • five Scientific Departments conducting interdisciplinary projects,     
  • six accredited Research Laboratories,     
  • impartial TextilCERT Certification Unit    


  • Experimental Production Department.

We set trends and standards thanks to our over 70 years of experience and our specialization in the textile industry. We offer our clients comprehensive solutions with an innovative offer tailored to their needs, which includes, among others:     

  • research, development and implemention
  • laboratory tests     
  • product certification     
  • products and services

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