Management of ŁUKASIEWICZ – Textile Research Institute


He graduated from the International Faculty of Engineering at the Lodz University of Technology, specializing in Business and Technology. In 2009, a doctoral degree was awarded at the Faculty of Materials Technology and Textile Design at the Lodz University of Technology. Associated with the Faculty of Economics and Sociology at the University of Lodz.

Specialist for management, innovation and cooperation between the science and business sectors. Author of many scientific articles published, among others in magazines with Philadelphia lists, in the field of e-commerce and innovation in Polish textile and clothing agencies. Reviewer of scientific articles in journals on this list – Autex Research Journal and Fibers and Textiles in Eastern Europe.

From 2017, he was associated with the Textile Research Institute in Łódź, initially in a position full of duties and currently the General Manager of the Institute.

Tomasz Czajkowski PhD Eng.
General Manager

He graduated from the Faculty of Textile Engineering and Marketing of the Lodz University of Technology (current Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design) in the field of textile commodity science. In 2011 he obtained the degree of habilitated doctor in the field of technical sciences, in the discipline of textiles. Until the end of 2017, he conducted scientific and didactic activity in the parent scientific unit.

He is a laureate of prestigious awards, scholarships and distinctions, including The Foundation for Polish Science, the Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences branch in Łódź and the Rectors’ Conference of Lodz Public Universities. He was the manager and implementer of numerous research projects covering basic research and R&D works, which resulted in over 50 publications in renowned JCR journals, patents and presentations at scientific conferences. In addition, he is a reviewer in many reputable scientific journals.

From 2018, he was associated with the Textile Research Institute in Łódź as the Deputy Scientific Director.

Maciej Boguń PhD Eng.

Deputy Scientific Director

Doctor of humanities and a specialist in management, marketing and financial management. Has 10 years of experience in the sector of state-owned companies and municipal enterprises. In the years 2006-2015 he was a member of the authorities of companies operating in the following industries: construction, property management, urban transport and public radio. Earlier he was employed in local government administration – as the Proxy of the Mayor of the City, Proxy of the Mayor of the City and acting as the City Secretary.

He was responsible for the functioning of the municipal office and coordination of the work of subordinate units. He was also responsible for shaping and implementing the information and promotion strategy of cities, as well as for contacts with the media and relations with residents. From 2017, he was associated with the Textile Research Institute.

First as the Proxy of the Director for Development and Economic Cooperation, and from November 2018 as the Deputy Director for Investment and Development.



Jakub Pietkiewicz PhD

Deputy Director for Investment and Development


Tatiana Winiecka

Chief Accountant



Andrzej Majchrzak MSc Eng.

Jolanta Sołtyszewska MSc. Eng.