Department of Chemical ​Textile Technologies

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Department of Chemical ​Textile Technologies

Department of Chemical Textile Technologies specializes in interdisciplinary research on textile materials and composites engineering. It develops technologies and functional materials, user and environment-friendly, applying innovative finishing processes, physico-chemical surface modification and nanotechnology, based on Circular Economy principles.

Activity scope:

  • Development of interdisciplinary applications of textile materials
  • Development of alternative methods for testing innovative textile materials
  • Eco-design and waste management of textile materials and composites
  • Scientific and technological expertise Standardization and training activities

Equipment facilities:

  • Scanning electron microscope VEGA 3 LMU, TESCAN with EDS Oxford x-ray micro-analyzer
  • Optical microscopes: stereoscopic OLYMPUS with PANASONIC camera, ZEISS Axio Imager A1
  • Digital microscope DSX 10-TF, OLYMPUS
  • Raman spectrometer InVia Reflex with confocal microscope, RENISHAW
  • Infrared measurement set: FTIR Vertex 70 spectrometer, Hyperion 2000 microscope, TG-IR coupling kit with gas cuvette and MCT detector, ATR and DRIFTS attachments, BRUKE
  • Differential scanning calorimeter DSC 204 F1 Phoenix, NETZSCH
  • Thermogravimetric analyzer TG 209 F1 Libra –with FTIR coupling module, NETZSCH
  • Thermal imaging camera Mobir M3
  • Tensiometer Sigma 701, KSV
  • DSA 100 – Automatic surface analysis system, KRÜSS
  • PGX Goniometer, FIBRO SYSTEMS
  • Printing Table SILK-B 480, MATHIS
  • Padder machine ,MATHIS AG
  • Unicoater Model 409, ERICHSEN
  • Particle size analyzer Zetasizer ZS, MALVERN
  • Corona discharge activator, METALCHEMHigh speed mill T2 SW, TRYMET

Head of Departament
Małgorzata Cieślak, PhD, DSc
phone: +48 42 25 34 405