Department of Mechanical Textile Technologies

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Department of Mechanical Textile Technologies

Department of Mechanical Textile Technologies provides scientific and research activities and services in the field of innovative technologies and technically advanced products, including:

1. Textile and fiber-polymer materials for interior furnishing of public premises and means of transport, including materials with special performance properties such as:
flame retardancy / antistatic properties /acoustic properties /long service life

2. Structures and technologies of unconventional textiles for special applications such as:
3D structures (distance, shape, skeleton) / D.O.S. structures (mono-, bi- and multi-axial)

3. Materials with programmed functional properties and special technical parameters intended for:

  • protective and work clothing
  • medical, preventive and health materials
  • military uniforms and for military applications
  • technical materials (e.g. shielding electromagnetic radiation, anti-electrostatic, textronic, filtrating)
  • reinforcements of fiber-polymer composites

Offered services:

  • woven fabrics development and production, among others decorative interior furnishings of historic buildings and public buildings as well as means of transport
  • development and production of woven images (illustrative fabrics) as well as woven promotional and advertising materials
  • designing and making patterns in the CAD-CAM system of artistic and structural designs of woven fabrics and patterns on analog and digital media
  • production of small woven fabric samples on a laboratory scale (to examine structure and design, to assess runnability
  • measurements and modeling of thermal and physiological comfort properties of materials intended for clothing and upholstery systems
  • trainings, consultations and technical and technological expertise regarding mechanical technologies of textile products, including:
    • application of new raw materials
    • identification of the structure and purpose of textile products
    • quality of fibers, yarns and fabrics


Head of Departament
Ewa Witczak PhD. Eng.
phone: +48 42 25 34 455