Knitting and Clothing Technologies

Scientific Department Knitting and Clothing Technologies

The Scientific Department of Knitting and Clothing Technologies specializes in research and development works and services in the field of:

Comprehensive knitting technologies as well as knitted fabrics and hosiery products, including:

  • selection and assessment of textile raw materials
  • designing knitted fabrics, knitwear and hosiery structures
  • development of modern knitting and finishing technologies focusing on human and environment-friendly processes
  • unconventional uses of knitted fabrics and knitwear
  • determining of basic and special finishing parameters using modern chemical auxiliaries

Clothing technologies, including:

  • design and selection of clothing for specific conditions of use, including protective, work and business
  • work on functional clothing adapted structurally and materially for special applications, including the needs of the disabled and elderly
  • development of clothing construction and production technology based on own or client projects
  • grading templates in sizes compliant with Polish Standards
  • tests with the use of a device for non-contact scanning (VITUS XXL 3D body scanner) of the human body aimed at updating body measurements for the needs of clothing

Expert opinions on, i.e. :

  • correctness of manufacturing processes of knitted fabrics and knitwear
  • proper selection of textile raw materials
  • assessment of processes in terms of technological innovation and modernity in both knitting and clothing manufacturing techniques
  • correctness of the construction and clothing manufacturing