Laboratory of Chemical Testing and Instrumental Analysis

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Laboratory accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation – Certificate no. AB 077 in relation to the requirements of the PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018-02 standard “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories” in the field of chemical tests and testing of physical properties of textiles (59 methods) ; is also accredited by the Ministry of National Defence in the field of defence and security (OiB) Certificate no. 44/MON/2021 (50 methods)

Laboratory of Chemical Testing and Instrumental Analysis performs tests of textile products in any form such as: fibre, yarn, woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, nonwovens, finished products and clothing materials according to PN, PN-EN, PN-EN ISO standards and according to own testing procedures.


Basic accredited tests performed in the Laboratory:

  • colour fastness to physical and chemical factors such as: washing, water, acid and alkaline sweat, dry and wet rubbing, organic solvents, sea water, chlorinated water, saliva and sweat
  • colour fastness to artificial light
  • colour fastness to artificial weather (rain)
  • chemical tests, among others: determination of the content of formaldehyde, heavy metals, carcinogenic aromatic amines from the MAK IIIA1 and MAK IIIA2 groups, 4-aminoazobenzene, pesticides, pentachlorophenol, phthalates
  • determination of the pH of aqueous extracts
  • determination of the fibre composition of textiles
  • determination of fat, non-fibrous matter and oily matter
  • UV protective properties
  • determination of cadmium and lead content in ceramic products

and tests not covered by accreditation, which include, among others:

  • examination of light transmission through flat textile products and plastic packaging at a wavelength of 200nm to 700nm
  • chemical purity testing of cellulose hygiene products

The quantitative analysis of raw material in binary and ternary mixtures in textile fibre mixtures is also carried out according to methods covered by the scope of PCA and MON accreditation, according to Regulation (EU) No. 1007/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council, as amended, of September 27, 2011.

Test methods included in the above Regulations of the European Parliament have priority over standardized methods and are used, among others to assess compliance / non-compliance with manufacturer’s declarations.

As part of the activities of the Institute, the Laboratory performs expertise in determining the causes of defects in bleaching, dyeing, printing, finishing, finishing and thermal treatment of textile materials

Head of Laboratory
Agnieszka Lisiak-Kucińska, MSc. Eng.
phone: + 48 42 61 63 128

V-ce Head of Laboratory / Technical Manager
Zdzisława Mrozińska, MSc. Eng.
phone: + 48 42 61 63 121

Deputy Quality Manager
Jerzy Piestrzeniewicz, MSc. Eng.

phone: +48 42 61 63 130
fax: +48 42 61 63 131